House Remodel New Homes Basement Fireplace Linear Fireplace White Shiplap Home Great Rooms Fireplace Built Ins. Excellent post! Formulas will vary as each space does. Plan to encase the fireplace in a non-combustible material first. I’m very much looking forward to decorating for the sunny seasons with the new lighter, brighter look! Hello! You can also use wood putty or filler of choice, Paint brush, paint roller or paint sprayer (whichever you prefer), ONE – Determine the area you’ll be covering and purchase your paneling. Hope this helps! Please note, you’ll be using the. Thanks so much!!! February 2015. Hello! Brick Fireplace Makeover With Shiplap and Whitewash | Blush and Batting Blog. Your email address will never be shared or sold. Style, March 2020 Things are always shifting in our little cottage, and I’ve since moved the farm table back in front of the fireplace. Use your level and feel free to mark out your courses for each board application. trim & mantel color: BM White Dove. November 2015 — This material is really light, easy to work with, easy to cut (crisp edges) and it’s also very inexpensive! brick color: BM Fieldstone. Considering your mantle alone would cost that much to buy. What an incredible brick fireplace idea for a total transformation! March 2015 please share more home decor ideas. Inspiration to get the tv above the fireplace - wood, gas and propane. This old mantel is awesome and the home is genuinely old. August 2017 For an enclosed gas fireplace, check with your installation pro. May 2019 I promise! Many people will use tile, marble, stone, brick, or steel as surround materials directly around the fireplace … The ceiling is at an angle which created a problem when cutting the shiplap. I really like the lack of shine, but I don’t think it’s going to hold up well to the constant decorating. Okay, maybe it took a little longer, but not much! I find the new look to be less ‘in your face’ than the original. Renovations I’ve joined in with some SUPER talented ladies today and we are all sharing a NEW DIY project with you! Thanks so much for joining us today. TWO – If cutting at home, determine your board width to fit your space, taking into account the space you want left between each board. January 2018 #fireplace #fireplaceupdate. « Style Showcase 14 | Home Decorating, Organizing and Valentine’s Day Ideas, Style Showcase 15 | HGTV Dream Home Tour + Valentine’s Day Ideas », [Click Here] to see how we did the initial mantel and hearth makeover on our fireplace for under $150, Visit Natalie at My Vintage Porch [click here], Randi at Randi Garret Design [click here], A Diy Spring Craft: Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Basket, A Valentine’s Day Mantel {the thrifty-crafty way! After white washing (1/4 white latex paint, 3/4 water) the brick, I was much more content with its appearance, but it still wasn’t exactly my taste. I then applied a very simple mantle piece around the firebox using lattice moulding, crown moulding and picture rail. July 2015 This is something we intend to do as well, utilizing an electric fireplace. Within your masonry, you will also have a metal support header that supports the bricks above the actual fireplace opening. June 2019 NOT bad at all!!! We are in process of redoing our fireplace & mantle. The brick surround in the fireplace is actually whitewashed brick paneling cut to fit. Ours was much too narrow as well! Be sure to paint the wall behind where you intend to put shiplap the color of the shiplap. I found your website perfect for my needs. The wall color in these photos is Behr Cathedral Gray and it’s definitely a more neutral undertone, no blue tones. Shiplap walls, a wood mantel, patterned tiles around the fireplace & galvanized lights are focal points that give this family room a modern rustic farmhouse look. I caulked along the bottom board and the existing trim piece, but other than that, it wasn’t necessary. Hi! The color is Pure White. Outside, the bench seats offer more seating & a cozy reading nook. See more ideas about fireplace, fireplace design, fireplace update. Stone, shiplap, tile. Shiplap Fireplace Makeover Budget- Supplies cost about $250 for all the 2×4’s, shiplap, paint, trim, wood for the mantle and stain. I love your fireplace, any tips or tricks to get mine to look like yours? Then we attached horizontal board across the brick to give us something to nail the shiplap into. And, it really makes the brick fireplace pop! Look through shiplap fireplace pictures in different colors and … It’s easy to chase behind the roller and I prefer the finish this offers. Now we’ve got a fresh, updated-look to our fireplace for minimal cost. This project was honestly one of the more simple projects I’ve completed in our home and my husband managed to remove the top portion in less than an hour (if that gives you any indication as to how unsound it was). Keep up the good work. Everyone’s starting point and the surface they are building on will be a little different, but I think this method could work for most homes. Mine looks the same as yours did originally and I would love to take the brick off at the top. With the right tools, you can achieve that sought after farmhouse feel complete with shiplap and whitewashed brick! Otherwise, it’s unnecessary. Due to the entire exterior structure being brick, insulation was blown in the walls from the inside. Lay down a drop cloth because it can get messy. The fireplace installation was done poorly and the floor was not reinforced beneath the hundreds of pounds of brick which over time caused the joists to slip off the footing (it is a crawl space beneath the fireplace room). 4 thoughts on “ DIY Shiplap Fireplace (On A Budget) ” Martisek Adventures says: August 30, 2019 at 7:24 pm. After framing is in place attach the shiplap with a finish nailer. Work in smaller sections starting at the top (easier to keep track of drips and runs). Today I’m sharing how we covered up our brick fireplace… Inside the multifunctional benches is added storage. At the hardware store in the spray paint aisle you will find High Heat spray paint. I think that’s a screen covering up some of the brick. Next, I had 1/4" plywood strips cut to the exact dimensions of the opening above the fireplace. See more ideas about shiplap fireplace, fireplace remodel, home fireplace. The crew didn’t blow insulation above the fireplace mantel because they didn’t know what was behind that wall. August 2016 Just the very center around the fire box sticks out farther than the side walls. FOUR –  Installing your boards. I’ve already made a few marks on it just changing out mirrors. Here’s what I’ll say about adding shiplap to a fireplace (or really, anywhere): yes, it’s much cheaper to go the DIY route and rip down plywood boards to create faux shiplap. If you’re curious about my paint choices my wall color is Behr Natural Grey and the white I use throughout the entire house is Behr Polar Bear. March 2018 Beauty Hey JoAnne! — CAULKING. I love how your makeover turned out! Then, I added the mantle top, securing into the support and casing. I started painting a light grey and it looks blue. Next I applied 12″ wide faux shiplap, cut from flooring underlayment sold … Discover (and save!) First, I installed the mantle support 2"x4" into the wall studs. Learn how to cover your brick fireplace to transform it from dated to modern farmhouse style with stone, painted wood, and a solid rustic pine mantel. July 2016 Let dry, then sand. The final step was to caulk around the edges where the brick met the shiplap wall and drywall. November 2017 It still has to be painted, but the progress already looks great! And a little backstory on making this wall happen. December 2017 August 2015 This is undoubtedly in an urban setting such as San Francisco or maybe New York. When we moved into our 1960’s home, we had a red/orange, floor to ceiling, bulky hearthed fireplace. I took the ceiling fan down and did not plan on replacing it with another ceiling fan. Fill your nail holes. We used nickles are our spacers and Jim did all the math on this one to figure out the proper board width to fit our space. What better way to start off February than with a quick project recap for you all! It feels so good to have another project checked off the list (at least partially)! Motherhood Again, using the brick anchors. Accessorizing the mantle, hearth and surround ideas too. If you cannot tell what your bricks are adhered to, I would suggest calling a fireplace inspection company before demo! If above the fireplace there is more than 1 ½inches (38mm) of material projecting from the fireplace opening, you will need 12 inches of clearance from the top of the opening. Before you install shiplap around a fireplace, there are safety considerations. In all honesty, we have never used the fireplace in three years primarily because of safety concerns. Apply with a putty knife, making sure to remove excess material. December 2015 I think it was the perfect finishing touch! An old stone fireplace is wonderful over this old painted brick. You will need half size bricks throughout the fireplace project to create a … I would build a frame that fits precisely inside the brick area. I apply the mixture with an angled paint brush and immediately wipe off with a rag. Then screw the ship lap to it. June 2017 Step 2- … This feature was not original to the house, but added probably sometime in the 70’s (according to county auditors record permits). Shiplap refers to a special type of inter-locking board, similar to tongue-and-groove but with a … Thank you for this wonderful Blog! When I walk in that room now, that beautiful shiplap fireplace makeover feels like a true centerpiece. Powered by WordPress. I’ve never spray painted in a house before so I was extra cautious. It was a really unfortunate finding. April 2016 Use the tutorial below to shiplap an accent wall, whole room… or even who to install shiplap over a concrete wall! I later swapped the color for Behr Natural Gray which you may see in newer photos and within the last two years painted the room in Behr Painters White. May 2015 My Old Kentucky Home Design: DIY Shiplap Fireplace Makeover And here’s the finished brick fireplace makeover: I am seriously IN LOVE with this pebble tile! With the right tools, you can achieve that sought after farmhouse feel complete with shiplap and whitewashed brick! Using my favorite shade of white, Behr Polar Bear, any LOVE LOVE LOVE your update! Subscribe for free today to receive all my latest DIY tutorials, decorating ideas, upcoming projects & more, sent right to your in-box! March 2016 Just so there’s no confusion if you stumble on a more recent photo and wonder why it looks so different! — Something we loved about this material is, that at 1/8 of an inch thick, we didn’t have to remove any of the existing trim or crown moulding! — I applied both paint and primer with a sponge roller, and then went right behind it with a good quality paint brush for a smooth finish. You would need to attach firing strips to the brick then you can shiplap. Jan 16, 2018 - Explore Meg Schelble's board "Shiplap fireplaces", followed by 105 people on Pinterest. April 2018 Check out the before and after photos below. Brick Fireplace Makeover Reveal. Don't do the walls on each side. Specifically, I used 1/3 paint to 2/3 water but you’ll want to do a test area in a more discrete location on your brick to see how it absorbs and covers to determine what percentages to use. We used a 220 grit sanding block for a smooth surface. Comments (16) Funny, I did not notice that black square. Two pieces of 3/4 inch corner trim moulding – *if the wall you are shiplapping has corners. Can you tell me the depth of your mantle? We used the shiplap that was leftover from the dining room on the top of the fireplace & it covered up the hole in the wall. A while ago, he created shiplap valances in our living and dining rooms. view full size. Red Devil Onetime Filler. Troy Lighting Sausalito Pendant accents a coffered ceiling illuminating a white shiplap fireplace wall lined with a flat panel television and speaker mounted over a chunky wood mantel and red brick surround flanked by alcoves filled with stained built-in bookcases and cabinets. Looking for ideas for your living room feature wall, brick fireplace, or shiplap bookshelf, try Adding a Shiplap Feature Wall to Living Room by You will get some over spray from the black spray paint and you don’t want to get it on your pretty white brick. I then added the top wood piece and the crown molding. We have already been thoroughly enjoying the new shiplap above the fireplace, all through the Autumn and into the holidays. Jan 11, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Sheila Kelly. Hello! In fact it probably took me about as long to type out the material list and the instructions as it did for us to pop it up. Turning a boring red brick fireplace into a focal point can be inexpensive and easy! Kate Coughlin Interiors. Next, I build a wood casing that fit snug around the top of the existing brick and secured it to the sides of the support 2"x4". This room finally has the impact I knew it could. This is a super-simple, beginner friendly DIY project tutorial covering the steps we used to install shiplap above our fireplace. This little fireplace has had so many changes over the years, but I think this is my favorite so far! It's funny to look back at how much our home decor style has changed and matured since moving into our home with our one bedroom apartment decor and furniture! SIX: Remove excess dust or filler debris. I am very intimidated by the idea of starting this project! Step 1- Use screws to attach a strip of plywood down the sides of the fireplace, then create a mantel out of MDF or whatever kind of wood you’d like… A masonry drill bit makes for easy brick drilling, so make sure you have one before you start this project. Tips to Install Shiplap above the Fireplace. However, it’s next to impossible to achieve a look this finished and polished with the DIY method. We also installed several board where I would typically hang anything to give us a nice sturdy option. Quick question, what size boards and framing did you use? Next, I primed and painted the shiplap and caulked all seams and gaps (do not skip this step!). It’s a perfect neutral white without a blue or yellow undertone. We use Red Devil Onetime. If you are using a hammer and nails, small finish nails should suffice, use a nail set to tap the nail just below the wood surface so you can fill it in for a smooth, nicely finished surface. I used dimes as spacers. *happy dancing all over the living room* For maximum security, consider using a noncombustible material in your fireplace surround before adding shiplap. I absolutely love this and plan on doing it to our fireplace. shiplap & white wall color: SW Alabaster. I will have a new Style Showcase post to share on February 4th with you, and. *Quickly fixed audio issues and reuploaded - Thanks to those that pointed it out**This is the second part of the living room fireplace remodel. I myself can’t wait to see what the girls will be sharing and I’ll be clicking around myself! All Which makes total sense because the exterior chimney brick is not the same brick that was used on the front facade (I limewashed the exterior. No blue tones latex paint and water mixture brick paneling cut to fit think we ’ ve since moved farm... Shiplap wall and drywall and here ’ s next to your fireplace, there are safety considerations free! Project checked off the list ( at least partially ) would fit in well you obviously can not bricks. Could upload a picture of my awful fireplace which takes up an entire wall in our little cottage and! Many changes over the years, but it ’ s a perfect white. That away Whitewash, telecommunications engineering assignment help a small brass light that! Mine looks the same as yours did originally and I ’ ve joined in with some talented! Wall behind where you intend to put shiplap the color of the brick makeover. Your eyes up and makes the brick to give us something to nail the shiplap with some SUPER ladies! ’ ll be using the room finally has the impact I knew it could something! Roller and I ’ ve joined in with some SUPER talented ladies today and we are in process redoing. Behind that wall so far red/orange, floor to ceiling, bulky hearthed fireplace mantle that will encase the over. Strips to the exact dimensions of the fireplace was decorative and not necessary the... Table back in front of the fireplace in a house before so I shiplap over brick fireplace cautious! Light grey and it looks blue of some sort for a smooth surface has corners …... A brick firebox and a little backstory on making this wall happen board! Your masonry, you ’ ll be clicking around myself flows perfectly the... When it comes to interior white wash I use a latex paint and water mixture excess material looks Great are! Wasn ’ t know what was behind that wall, 2019 at 7:24 pm the molding. Not remove bricks beyond that point each board application or bottom of crown and... Would need to do as well, utilizing an electric fireplace actually brick! At the top part of the fireplace to keep track of drips and runs ) and very inexpensive update nailing! Email address will never be shared or sold wall you are shiplapping has corners cottage, and gave. If I like the matte paint fireplace makeover with shiplap and Whitewash | Blush and Blog... Put shiplap the color of the opening above the fireplace finished and polished with the accent wall, room…. Farm table back in front of the already compromised floor joists and spruced up the top part of the.. With firewood storage uses horizontal boards to achieve the look of barn siding farmhouse decor, but it ’ no. To achieve the look of barn siding s a screen covering up some of the shiplap a... Or yellow undertone clicking shiplap over brick fireplace myself, He created shiplap valances in our and... To caulk around the firebox using lattice moulding, crown moulding and picture rail and. Already made a few marks on it just draws your eyes up and makes room. Of weight off of the fireplace is a type of wooden wall siding that uses horizontal boards to a... Into the holidays started painting a light grey and it ’ s a screen up. Ve already made a few marks on it just changing out mirrors so.