pronouncekiwi. A poll conducted by the National Pecan Shellers … Pecan definition is - a large hickory (Carya illinoinensis synonym C. illinoensis) that has roughish bark and hard but brittle wood and is widely grown in the warmer parts of the U.S. and in Mexico for its edible nut. How to say pecan. Alas, we now know the proper way to say ‘pecan’ and it turns out I’ll have to change my old ways. Many think how we pronounce the nut in question is determined by the Mason-Dixon Line. Learn more. With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the American Pecan Council ran a nationwide vote of over 347,000 Americans on the proper way to pronounce ‘pecan’ with a winner-take-all conclusion. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. In the two weeks … Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. Still, I enjoy a brawl, which is why I was pleased to witness the chaos the American Pecan Council (APC) hath wrought via online pol l. In honor of the impending pecan pie season, the APC posed a single chaotic query: how do you pronounce the word “pecan?” Specifically, are you team “PEA-can” or team “puh-CON”? There Are Six Ways to Say ‘Pecan,’ But Only One That’s Right In the inaugural episode of our new Talk Like a Texan podcast, we explore the proper pronunciation of our state nut. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Pecan Pie on pronouncekiwi. English Pronunciation of Pecan pie. Pecan pie is a pie of pecan nuts mixed with a filling of eggs, butter, and sugar. Not so fast. By However, the University of Wisconsin-Madison put out a chart of their own on this topic, which showed that some people pronounce the word differently depending on whether it's alone or in a compound word, like "pecan pie." Currently popular pronunciations. The linguistics department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee just also shared a pecan pronunciation map that gives another option – where people may say pee-KAHN by itself, but then say PEE-can when using a compound word, like pecan pie.. We found this research fascinating, so we’ve compiled a few of these dialect maps related to food. Have a fact about Pecan Pie ? How to use pecan in a sentence. How to pronounce pecan. Variations may include white or brown sugar, cane syrup, sugar syrup, molasses, maple syrup, or honey. But getting pecan growers and shellers from Alabama and Georgia to agree on how the differing pronunciations came about is a tough nut to crack. Sign in to disable ALL ads. Write it here to share it with the entire community. pronouncekiwi - How To Pronounce Pecan Pie. "I have no idea," Thomasville, Ga., pecan … In the lead-up to pecan pie season, the American Pecan Council is asking Americans to weigh in on their preferred pronunciation. Learn how to pronounce Pecan pie in English with video, audio, and syllable-by-syllable spelling from the United States and the United Kingdom.